Contact-less QR Menu

Crea un menu digitale per il tuo ristorante o bar. Coinvolgi di più con i tuoi clienti.

Il loro cellulare è ora il tuo menu!

The most comprehensive platform for QR digital menu

There are platforms where you can make QR code, but no menu. There are platforms where you can create a menu but not design your QR

We do both.


Crea Menu Digitale

Create your menu directly on our platform. Update anytime. Easy And Simple

  • Real-time changes
  • Organize into categories
  • Extras and items variants
Experience it

Crea QR

8 differenti designs. Illimitate opzioni di colore. Scegli lo stile del tuo QR.

  • Bellissimi QR
  • Scegli il colore
  • Modelli di stampa da scaricare
Design it

Go Digital

Ora i tuoi visitatori useranno la fotocamera del telefono cellulare per accedere al menu.

  • Nessuna app mobile richiesta
  • Menu online superveloce - PWA
  • Visualizza statistiche
Vai al mobile

Accetta gli ordini

I tuoi clienti possono ordinare direttamente dal loro telefono

  • Notifiche sonore in tempo reale
  • Ordini continui
  • Opzioni, varianti ed extra illimitate

Accept payments

Your customers can pay order directly via card

  • Accetta pagamenti con carda di credito o di debito
  • Vieni pagato immediatamente tramite Stripe Connect
  • Secure online payments
Accetta pagamenti online

Customer Log

Lot of countries, have legal requirement to keep log of their customers, for Covid tracking reasons

  • Customers can register them selfs
  • Manage the visits on your own
  • Powerful export / report functionality
Keep it safe

Simple Pricing

Start free and fell in love in our pro features

EUR 29.99 /mese


Offer a full price list, limitless plan, use it while and when needed. Price list reactivation goes online upon payment. Account stays active!

  • Full access to vendor management and QR tool
  • Access to the price list creation tool
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited items in the menu
  • Unlimited orders per month
  • Dedicated Support
EUR 299.99 /year


Limitless plan, accept orders directly from your customer mobile phone, call waiter/ personnel. Print orders and invoices from dashboard. -17% OFF / month. Updates and plug-ins for free

  • Full access to vendor management; QR tool and floor plan
  • Access to the price list creation tool
  • Unlimited views
  • Unlimited items in the price list
  • Unlimited orders
  • Dedicated Support
  • 17 % discount
  • Manage: facility; stuff; order; expenses.
EUR 0 /mese

Free trial

Try it out for free, test all functionalities, but limited number of items and orders, see you in 15 days ;)

  • Full access to vendor and QR price list management tool
  • Menu creation tool
  • Unlimited views
  • 10 items in the menu
  • Community support

Restaurants and Bars that love our QRs

Used by top restaurants worldwide

"We use FoodTiger to protect our visitors. Dirty old menus are a thing from the past. So far clients report no issues. And they love our new online menu."

- James Curran

Brooklyn Taco

"FoodTiger was the perfect tool for the COVID situation. We should go earlier to this type of menu."

- Richard Thomas

Burger 2Go

"No more printing and reprinting for some small mistake in our menu or price change. We love what FoodTiger have provided."

- Jessica Evans

Awang Italian Business

"Clients are happy. They can see that we are a responsible bar and their health is a priority. No more old dirty menus :D. All they need is their phone."

- Jason Edwards

Malibu Diner

Clienti in primo piano


Grey Bar

Bar & Snack








All Saints

place your orders, comment your wishes and enjoy your food

Vedi una demo online di menu facile

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